Baptisms at The Abbey Church

At The Abbey Church Baptisms (also known as Christenings) are held on Sundays straight after the morning Service.  Usually the first Baptism is held at 11am.

The ceremony takes approximately 20 minutes and during the blessing water is sprinkled over the baby’s head.

Parents are encouraged to nominate Godparents for their child, usually this is a male and female who are either relatives or family friends.  There is no limit on how many Godparents a child can have, although between two and four is recommended.  It’s quite an honour to be asked to be a Godparent – and it’s a role that carries differing levels of responsibility depending on the parents expectations.

At the end of the ceremony parents will be given a lovely Baptismal certificate, this will include the names of all Godparents.

There is no cost for a Baptism, however a small donation towards the cost of materials and printing is appreciated.

If you have any questions regarding booking a Baptism for your child please telephone the Church and speak to the Priest or send an email using our contact form under the Contact Menu.

We hope to be able to show some photos below of our Baptism Service, please check back soon.